About Us

About Tha Freshness

Tha Freshness is an online movement that takes everything new and fresh in Hip Hop and Pop culture and puts it in one place for your convenience and enjoyment. Tha Freshness can not be catagorized as just a blog, a radio mixshow or another urban website. Tha Freshness is this and more, it is the culmination of years of work. Here at Tha Freshness we strive to share with you everything new in the underground, and mainstream entertainment world. Welcome to Tha Freshness.com, enjoy!


About Tenacious

From radio show producer to graphic designer, on-air mixer to radio personality, Tenacious The Tablist or just Tenacious is a jack of all trades. Born and raised in Sussex County, Delaware Tenacious listened to all kinds of music from old Motown Hits to the rock sounds of Pink Floyd but, it wasn’t until his at the time aspiring rapper cousins let him in on their recording sessions did he fall in love with Hip Hop.

In high school Tenacious joined the ranks of a radio personality at WOCQ/OC104, Georgetown, Delaware. After graduating with a Associate of sciences degree in Recording Arts and Bachelor in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, Florida. It was in college he first hopped on the ones and twos. Tenacious has had the opportunity to DJ for the likes of AnD, WordSmith, Ron Browz, and recently Jeremih.

Tenacious can be heard on OC104 every afternoon Monday thru Friday (3p -7p). He can also be heard on OC104’s Master Mixes every holiday.

About Pepper Potts

Our Pepper Potts not to be confused with Tony Starks’ assistant, is the first real member of the Freshness Team and Third Crew. She started off assisting Tenacious as his personal assistant, but if you ask Tenacious she calls most of the shots. While T3 might be the creative side she is the logistics. Keeping Team Freshness and The Third Cr3w running as a well oil machine is a job she does well. You may never hear are speak on the air but you should know her when you hear her, since she is the voice of the signature crew sound. So when you hear that Ooh Ooh just know our Pepper Potts is behind the scenes running the damn thing! And we couldn’t do it with out her!  

About Jay Vic

Born and raised in Salisbury, MD, Jay Vic has been an avid hip-hop fan since he was 5 years old. Growing up in the 90’s, his exposure to some of the greatest artists to ever step into the business has helped him form a vision for how he wants to carve his niche into the world. After recording immense amounts of tracks in Salisbury, Jay was left with nowhere to turn until 2010 when he met Tenacious the Tablist on the set of Wordsmith’s “As the Art Fades Away” video shoot in Baltimore. A few months after the shoot, Jay and Tenacious finally met up and formed a plan that would benefit each man in their visions. Jay, being a student of the game, wanted to learn everything he could as he teamed up with his new best friend, DJ, Producer, and fellow hip-hop head. Fast forward to 2015, Jay and Tenacious are still working on material that will lead to the production of projects with dates TBD.

About LangfordTV

Born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, moved to Delaware around fourth or fifth grade. Met Tenacious through his mom who worked with him at Great Scott Broadcasting. Shortly after that a pretty great friendship came to flourish. Today He occasionally assists Tenacious at some of his gigs and just talk about anything comic/music/video game related and thats where his association with ThaFreshness comes in.

His music taste growing up was whatever his parents were listening to, but a lot of heavy metal and just classic rock like Metallica, Boston, Journey, Pink Floyd and many others. He got older and created his own extremely unique taste in music and today that consists of post hardcore music like A Day To Remember and bands of similar sound to that of EDM. Constantly looking for new bands and new music to listen to and over the past few years Tenacious and him have found a similar taste in Kendrick Lamar that leads to hours of discussion and conversation of music as the ever expanding industry it is today.

But what he’s really here for is to talk about video games and do some reviews and give opinions on new games as he plays them. Eventually there will be a stream up and running where he will be playing and talking about the games prior to writing the blogs on them. He looks forward to talking to any and all of you on the stream (twitch.tv/LangfordTV) once thats officially up and running.